English Medium Instruction in Higher Education – New Report

In universities around the world there is a growing trend towards English medium instruction (EMI). Many arguments have been posited in favour of EMI but there is also increasing evidence that implementing EMI is a complex undertaking and that unless suitable conditions exist the anticipated benefits of EMI are unlikely to be realized.

Iraqi Kurdistan is one context where EMI is being increasingly promoted in higher education and I was recently commissioned by the British Council to examine the perspectives on EMI held by lecturers in state universities in this context. The report of this work has just been published and is available for download at http://tinyurl.com/z3lxopa



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One Response to English Medium Instruction in Higher Education – New Report

  1. Imdad Khan says:

    I found the report very interesting because it shares several similarities with EMI situation in Higher Education in Pakistan. Especially, the challenges mentioned by academics are quite similar to those faced by academics in public sector universities in Pakistan. I think if there is any followup project to further investigate the Kurdish language teaching context, language teachers from Pakistan can benefit from it as well.

    This effort of the British Council and the role Dr Simon Borg played is really appreciable.

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