As a consultant, I draw on my strong academic background and extensive international experience in language education to help organisations:

  • analyse the status of English language teaching
  • enhance the competence of teachers
  • design and deliver teacher education and development programmes
  • evaluate the impact of such progammes
  • formulate or review teacher education and development policy
  • implement educational reform and innovation
  • carry out high quality research
  • communicate research findings effectively.

Please contact me if your organisation is interested in consultancy support in these areas.

Current and Recent Consultancies

  • English language strategy for Azerbaijan (Nov 2023-March 2025)
  • Developing a teacher certification test for teachers of English in Sudan (Dec 2023-June 2024)
  • Evaluation of the British Council’s English in Education programmes in four countries (Oct 2023-April 2024 – with TCE)
  • Research into the CPD of in-service teacher educators in Nepal (Sep 2023-Jan 2024)
  • Developing a CPD framework for English teachers in Kazakhstan (Sep 2023-March 2024)
  • Evaluation of TEA CPD programme in Egypt (Jan-Jun 2023)
  • Evaluation of the ‘English for the Community II’ project in Romania (July 2023)
  • Evaluation of the PRELIM3 programme (Jan  2023-April 2024)
  • Evaluation of the British Council’s English in Education programmes in seven countries (Oct 2022-May 2023 – with TCE)
  • Evaluation of ‘Teaching for Success’ CPD programme for teachers of English in Iraq (May-July  2025)
  • Revising pre-service teacher education curricula for English teachers in Iraq (Sep 2022-Mar 2025)
  • Strategic review of the British Council’s Teacher Educator Development Support Programme (Feb-Jun 2023)
  • Evaluation of the British Council’s ELTRA scheme (Nov 2022-Mar 2023)
  • Professional inquiry for foreign language teachers in higher education (Jul 2022-Mar 2023)
  • Review of pre-service teacher education in Iraq (Sep 2022-Mar 2023)
  • Research into the status of teacher education and development in Nepal (Aug 2022-Feb 2023)
  • Evaluation of professional development through Teacher Activity Groups in Vietnam (Jan 2022-Apr 2023)
  • Research into secondary ELT in Kazakhstan (Oct 2022-Feb 2023)
  • Evaluation of an online language teacher community in six countries in Wider Europe (Mar-Apr 2022)
  • Research into CPD for teachers of English in Japan, Korea and China (Oct 2021-Jun 2022)
  • Evaluation of professional development programme for teachers of English in Yemen (Jan-Apr 2022)
  • Review of English in Basic Education in India (Nov 2021-Mar 2022)
  • Evaluation of the COELT in-service teacher education programme in South Africa (Sep 2021-Mar 2022)
  • Case studies of the impact of COVID on language teacher education (July-Sep 2021)
  • Scoping Study: Understanding English Language Teaching and Learning for Children and Young Adults in Iraq (Sep-Dec 2021)
  • Using Video-Based Observation in Monitoring & Evaluation (Dec 2020-Mar 2021)