About me

I first taught English as a foreign language in 1988, in Malta, then graduated from the University of Malta in 1990 and started teaching English in a state secondary school, also in Malta. I did my MA at the College of St Mark & St John (UK) in 1991 and taught for a few more years in Malta after that, starting a PhD at the University of Exeter in 1994. I spent two years in New Zealand from 1996, teaching, teacher training and finishing the PhD, and in 1998 I joined the University of Leeds. I left Leeds as a Professor of TESOL in 2014 to become a full-time ELT consultant and remain a PhD supervisor there. I am also a ‘Professor II’ at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

My PhD was about teacher cognition in L2 grammar teaching and the study of teachers’ beliefs and knowledge has kept me engaged for over 25 years.  I also specialize in teacher education and professional development, teacher research, and research methods. Details of publications and consultancy work relevant to these areas are available on this site. There’s also a blog, where I discuss contemporary issues in language teacher development.

The main focus of my consultancy and academic work today is professional development for English language teachers.

e-mail: s.borg@simon-borg.co.uk
web: simon-borg.co.uk
X: @Simon_Borg
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