In addition to speaking at conferences, as a consultant I draw on my strong academic background and extensive international experience in language education to help individuals, departments and organisations:

  • enhance the competence of their teachers
  • design, deliver, monitor and evaluate language teacher development policy, programmes and projects
  • carry out high quality research
  • communicate research findings effectively
  • implement educational innovations.

Current and Recent Consultancies

  • Evaluation of the Al-Azhar Teacher Activity Groups Professional Development Programme, Egypt (Jan-Mar 2021)
  • Evaluation of the National Teacher Training Project, Egypt, (Feb 2018-Mar 2021)
  • Supporting Evidence-Based Language Education Strategy in the Middle East & North Africa (Dec 2020-Mar 2021)
  • Using Video-Based Observation in Monitoring & Evaluation (Dec 2020-Mar 2021)
  • Review of the British Council’s CPD Framework for Teacher Educators, British Council (Nov 2020-Jan 2021)
  • Evaluation of the ‘English for Success’ Teacher Development Project, Kazakhstan (Oct-Nov 2020)
  • Evaluation of ‘English for the Community’ Project, Romania (July 2020)
  • Supporting Professional Inquiry for Teachers, Pakistan (Feb-Mar 2020).
  • Teacher Research for Professional Development. Language Centre, Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Feb 2020)
  • Towards Results in Education and English (TREE),  Myanmar (Jul 2019-Mar 2023).
  • Evaluation of the English for Universities Project, Ukraine (Sep 2018-Mar 2019)
  • Teacher Development Policy Consultant, Azerbaijan (Jan 2016-Dec 2019)
  • Evaluation of the Online English Course for Teachers Inside Syria (OETIS) (Mar-Jul 2019)
  • A review of ELT in Libya (Jan-Mar 2019)
  • Review of Teacher Activity Groups in Palestine and Jordan (Feb-Mar 2018)
  • English in Education Strategy Framework, Sudan (Dec 2018-Mar 2019)
  • Educational Podcast Series for Policy Makers in South Asia (with Rob Lewis – Oct 2018-Dec 2019)
  • English Language Initiative for Primary Schools in Maharashtra (Jun 2017-Mar 2019)