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English Medium Instruction in Higher Education – New Report

In universities around the world there is a growing trend towards English medium instruction (EMI). Many arguments have been posited in favour of EMI but there is also increasing evidence that implementing EMI is a complex undertaking and that unless suitable … Continue reading

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Research Evidence and L2 Teaching

I have for many years been interested in one basic (but big) question: why do language teachers teach in the ways they do? This question has driven much of my work on teacher cognition, since understanding the knowledge, thinking, beliefs … Continue reading

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Justifying Language Teacher Cognition Research

I am currently at the University of Aarhus teaching a PhD course on language teacher cognition research and our discussions there stimulated this month’s blog. For those new to this topic, teacher cognition research studies the unobservable dimensions of teaching and teacher learning … Continue reading

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Process and Product in Teacher Research

I’ve just returned from a very interesting assignment where I worked with a Ministry of Education which is promoting and supporting professional inquiry among English language teachers in primary and secondary schools. Teacher research is one form of professional inquiry that … Continue reading

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Presenting Research at a Conference

I recently went to another conference, this time in Cappadocia. I’d heard about the fantastic landscapes there but was not prepared for how spectacular they actually are. An hour sitting in the sun drinking Turkish coffee with some friends and … Continue reading

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